about books. and cakes.

I’ve just realized that I could not live without books. It just happened, the enlightenment, when I’m busy browsing books I want to buy online. And I just can’t stop myself from doing… Continue reading

A Rinjani Promise

It was almost midday, and the scorching sun shone unmercifully through my bare skin. It was a very hot day, yet the whispering sound of the breeze across the open massive dry hilly… Continue reading


The Riviere-Guiho Journey

The Riviere’s Journey Voyager, c’est donner du sens à sa vie. Voyager, c’est donner de la vie à ses sens. – Alexandre Poussin Traveling, it gives meaning to our lives. Traveling, it gives… Continue reading

… Lalu, semua seperti diingatkan akan mati. Akan hidup yang fana, singkat, cuma sekali. Tawa riang hari ini, bisa mendadak terganti oleh tangis kehilangan. Atau senyum beku dari jasad yang kaku.   Mati.… Continue reading

there’s sumthin’ ’bout sumba

ow yeah, sure i wanna have a sumba horse a sandel one so that i’d be able to ride on him/her and that we’d run  on the softness of the sand or on… Continue reading

black swan: there’s sumthin’ about ballet

no, no, no, you’re wrong if you think i’m gonna babbling about the movie natalie portman did great in her role as the swan queen in. nope. not at all. i just need… Continue reading

Adventurous Amandit

Nothing has changed, not much at least. That was my initial thought when I revisited Loksado, a small village four hours by car northeast of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan. Greenery on the Meratus… Continue reading

Sapi Sono, For The Love of Cows

The high pitched tune of slompret, a Madura small trumpet, usually made from teakwood, burst in the air. The sun spread its beam among the clear blue sky. It was a perfect morning in… Continue reading

Paradise Beaches in South Lombok

    A Belated Lunch at Ashtari I gulped down my saliva as my ordered food in a white bowl came to our table. I was really hungry, since lunchtime has already passed… Continue reading